Rathscheck Schiefer 


Modern technique extracts an ancient mineral resource.


As one of Europe's most important slate producers we have a long tradition when selecting slate deposits, mining and processing slate. And a lot of experience.


 Mining  Mining  
Highly modern mining technique is used in our exploitation sites.

The slate is not only won in the underground mine, but also in open-cast mining.
In the mines "La Fraguiña" and "Fontelas" the winning of the slate is carried out in underground mining. "La Fraguiña" is the world's largest slate mine. 

Here we started slate mining already in 1968. Originally the slate was only won in open-cast mining. In the early 1990s the mining was then continued underground in a unique exploitation system allowing an optimal mining of the deposits.  
 Mining  Mining  
"Valdemiguel" is one of our exploitation sites in the valley of Valderossa where we already produce slate in open-cast mining since 1970.
Additionally we win slate in the mines "Fontelas" and "La Ponderosa".
The completely mechanised sawing exploitation makes work easier for the employees working below and above ground and contributes to the handling of the valuable rock.   
 Sawing  Sawing After the arrival in the production hall sawing is the first additional step in production. The modern sawing facilities are mechanically controlled. From the large blocks they saw manageable small blocks. Depending on the cap stone being processed the block is provided with a different size and shape in order to keep the degree of the produced quantity as high as possible.
 Splitting  Splitting In Germany slate is tiled with a thickness of 4 - 6 mm. In France it is only 3 mm thick. Therefore the splitter has to take into account the different splitting thicknesses for the different markets.
After sawing, the blocks are taken to the individual workplaces of the splitters. Splitting the blocks is carried out manually with hammer and froe.  
 Shaping  Shaping For the different types of covering our slate is mechanically shaped. For example for the various rectangular coverings. On account of the mechanical shaping every cap stone has the same shape and one talks about "template roofing".
 Quality  Quality Although the quality of the stones is continuously checked at every place of the production process, there is a final check of the quality of every cap stone at the end of the production.
 Logistics  Logistik The distribution centre of CAFERSA is the "hub" for the delivery of the slate into countries, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and other important slate markets.